Its "Just a blogging platform", they said.

Having a blog is a pet project I've been nurturing under the Will-Do-Eventually column for months now. I went back and forth between rolling my own and using something off the shelf until I finally decided on throwing up a Ghost instance.

It was fairly easy to do. Ghost has made it as simple as running a single line of code on a Node.js enabled machine to have a blog up and running. Hook it up to a reverse-proxy like redbird and you're in business.


Visit the url for your blog and everything should look dandy... until you click on any of the links in the nav bar. Browse posts? Goes to your loopback IP ( Home? Same thing. Every link seems to point to an address on a local network, so its no wonder that when you try to access them you get a Server Access error.

This was extremely frustrating at first, especially since pointing every link on the instance toward one's own machine could not have been a small oversight on the part of the Ghost team. This is the kind of feature that would be useful during testing one's code, in case one of the kind benevolent hackers out in the world felt generous enough to update the Ghost source code.

Which made me start to wonder.

I looked at the project's source code and found a config file whose development environment variables were set to the loopback IP address. What's strange is that the loopback was set as the default URL in the production environment as well. Mystery solved.

There doesn't seem to be any way to toggle between environments. So I assume that the development environment is used by default. I set my own url ( and tada! Everthing is peachy.

I don't know enough to say whether or not this was a bug because it seems possible that the Ghost team left the loopback in as a placeholder so that the developer setting up his/her blog could set the URL to whatever they saw fit. But either way, it does require some leg work to make this alright. So here you go, denizens of the Internet. Go forth and blog.

TLDR: If you find that the links on your Ghost blog point to a nonsensical IP address, dive into the config file at the top level of the project and modify the development environment's URL.